Omonia, Athens: Explore the real estate prospects in the heart of the Greek Capital

March 12, 2024

Omonia, Athens: Explore the real estate prospects in the heart of the Greek Capital

On the crossroads of potential and prosperity in the historic center of Athens, Omonia is writing a new narrative, one that invites you to become part of its success.

Discover the top ten reasons why investing in Omonia now could be the smartest move for those looking to catch a unique opportunity to invest in the Greek real estate landscape.

Strategic Location

Omonia’s central location in Athens makes it a convenient hub for both business and leisure, enhancing property demand and rental potential.

Well-connected to all parts of the city, with easy access to the Athens Metro, buses, and taxis. It’s a prime location for professionals who seek a quick commute and for tourists who desire easy transit to landmarks.

Cultural Rejuvenation

The revitalization of Omonia Square with its stunning water fountain, and the refurbished cultural venues nearby, such as the National Theatre, enhance the area’s charm and attract millions of tourists all year.

Improved Infrastructure

Investments in public transport and urban amenities have significantly improved city center infrastructure, making it a more desirable location for property investment.

High Rental Yield

With a steady influx of tourists and local renters, properties in Omonia offer competitive rental rates, promising healthy returns on investment compared to many other European capitals.

Property Value Appreciation

With ongoing urban development, property values in the historic center of Athens are on the rise, presenting an opportunity for significant capital gains.


Tourist Attraction

Omonia’s proximity to Athens’ main attractions, including the historical Plaka district and Acropolis, makes it a hotbed for short-term rental properties, appealing to the ever-present tourist market.

Vibrant Urban Living

The area’s blend of traditional tavernas, modern cafes, and vibrant nightlife cater to a diverse crowd, from local Athenians to international visitors, enhancing the allure of residential life here.

Proximity to Key Districts

Its adjacency to high-end districts like Kolonaki and Syntagma positions Omonia as a gateway to luxury while maintaining more accessible property prices.

Growing Economy

With Greece’s economy on the rise, real estate investment in rising urban areas like Omonia is poised to be particularly beneficial, with expectations for long-term economic stability and growth.

Golden Visa Opportunity

Discover pathway to Greece’s Golden Visa program, offering residency and EU access, which adds a layer of value for international investors.

In this strategic location in Athens, explore Urban City 44 with its 210 luxury apartments where the investment potential is seamlessly blended with luxury living, featuring 5* hotel amenities that cater your every need.

One of a kind building complex that combines the privilege of living in the heart of the Greek capital with exclusive amenities to its residents.

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