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Not only are Astrea apartments built and developed with luxury and leisure in mind, but Astrea’s 360° property management services, on par with that of top hotels, increases the property value manifold. With a vacation-oriented outlook that sets the properties apart from all others, Astrea’s staff takes care that every building and apartment is in top condition at all times.



Every client receives a fully-furnished apartment. With top-of-the-line furniture, accessories, rugs, and designer touches with a modern look and feel.


The design of each and every Astrea apartment is carefully planned by leading designers to yield refreshing touches that make the most of every centimeter of space.


Astrea takes care to maintain and keep every apartment in top condition at all times with regular cleaning service and maintenance checks.

Fully Equipped

Astrea’s apartments are always fully equipped with all of the essentials, from dishwashers and washing machines to toilet paper and shampoo, coffee, and tea.

Premium Services

Astrea’s buildings are maintained, equipped, and staffed at all times. The services which residents enjoy during their stay, such as swimming pools, gyms, and cafes, are scrupulously managed.

Vacation Rental Ready

Step into a pristine modern apartment in a high-class building with amenities at every turn. Astrea secures short-term vacation renters in every season of the year for owners.


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45 boutique apartments built for leisure and vacation situated 50 meters from the Loutraki seaside. BlueLagoon mixes high-end residential units with Grade-A facilities and commercial spaces, including a rooftop infinity pool, bar, and restaurant, all within one stylized, modern complex. A combination of natural beauty, accessible services, and privacy creates a new class of vacation living, unrivaled even by 5-star beachfront hotels.

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Posidonos 51, Loutraki

UrbanCity 44

UrbanCity 44

An innovative complex situated in the enchanting Omonia Square, at the center of the up-and-coming city of Athens. UrbanCity44 mixes high-scale residential units of every scale with grade-A facilities and commercial spaces, zoned for coffee shops, bars, gyms, and workspaces. A combination of location, accessibility, services, and privacy makes for the ultimate destination that rivals 5-star hotels forming a new class of vacation living.

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Pireos 44, Athens

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