The time to invest in the Greek real estate is here!

January 24, 2024

The time to invest in the Greek real estate is here!

Unlocking Greek Real Estate Potential: Invest Today for a Prosperous Tomorrow

As the world navigates through economic uncertainties, Greece stands out as an oasis of opportunity, combining rich cultural heritage with promising financial prospects.

The Greek real estate landscape is ripe with potential, offering a unique blend of affordability, growth, and stability. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s unveil together eight compelling reasons why investing in Greek real estate in 2024 isn’t just a smart move, it’s a once in a lifetime real estate opportunity to grab.

1. Increase in Investment Activity Across Greece

2024 forecasts for the real estate sectors in Greece point to moderately increasing investment activity, setting a positive tone for investors looking towards to invest in Greek real Estate.

2. Significant Foreign Direct Investments

Greece’s appeal as an investment destination is evident, with over 7.2 billion euros in foreign direct investments recorded last year. This surge positions Greece as a noteworthy player on the global investment map.

3. Competitive Real Estate Pricing

Greek real estate offers great value, especially when compared to other European markets. For instance, the average price per square meter in Athens is significantly lower than in cities like Paris, Berlin, and Rome, making it an attractive option for investors.

4. Growing Market and Economic Recovery

The Greek real estate market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, bolstered by economic recovery, a surge in tourism, and supportive government policies. This growth is evident in the 12% annual increase in house prices in urban areas such as Athens.

5. Strong GDP Growth and Decreasing Inflation

Greece’s economy is showing robust signs of health, with a 5.9% GDP growth in 2022 and a projected 2.4% in 2023. Additionally, a decrease in inflation rates further underscores the market’s stability and potential for profitability.

6. Government Incentives for Foreign Investors

The Greek government is actively encouraging foreign investment through incentives like a three-year VAT suspension on property purchases and a significant reduction in property transfer taxes. These measures make investing in Greek real estate even more attractive by lowering the entry cost.

7. The Attractive Golden Visa Program

Greece offers one of the most appealing Golden Visa programs in Europe, providing residency benefits to investors. This program’s popularity continues to grow, drawing more international investors to the Greek market.

8. Thriving Tourism Industry

Investing in Greek real estate offers the opportunity to capitalize on the country’s booming tourism sector. With nearly 30 million international visitors in 2022 and a 17% increase in inbound travel in 2023, property owners can expect lucrative returns, especially from luxury rental properties.

Investing in Greece in 2024 presents a unique blend of opportunity, growth, and stability. With its attractive pricing, government incentives, and thriving tourism industry, the Greek real estate market is poised for success. Whether you’re looking for long-term appreciation or short-term rental income, contact Astrea to guide you in this dynamic market.

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