Foreign Investment in Greece increases by 57%

November 13, 2023

Foreign Investment in Greece increases by 57%

In a stunning testament to its growing economic allure, Greece has seen a remarkable 57% surge in foreign direct investment projects in 2022.

This optimistic tide of financial confidence was spotlighted in the latest report from Ernst & Young (EY), “Foreign Investment Attractiveness Survey Greece 2023”, unveiled at the prestigious 6th InvestGR Forum 2023 in Athens.

The forum, a beacon for economic discourse, not only celebrated Greece’s investment milestones but also set the stage for future growth narratives.

Greece emerges as a premier investment market

The EY survey, pooling insights from 250 global company managers, paints a bright future for Greece — a country on the cusp of an investment renaissance.

An impressive 40% of surveyed executives are eyeing Greece as a promising investment landscape, with plans to either initiate or expand their ventures within the next year.

The forecast is even more vibrant, with 67% of these leaders projecting a further enhancement of Greece’s investment market over the coming three years.

Greece’s tech sector is rising

The Greek economic horizon is particularly radiant in knowledge-intensive sectors. Software and information technology services stand out, earmarked as fields ripe for investor engagement, offering high added value and driving a knowledge-based economic wave across the Hellenic landscape.

Foreign Investment in Greece Jumps 57%

Steering Greece Toward Economic Prosperity

The 6th InvestGR Forum 2023 has not only put a spotlight on Greece’s current investment achievements but also paved the way for an era of sustained economic growth and profits.

For those looking to navigate this promising investment terrain, the momentum is undeniable!

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