Short-Term Rentals in Athens: Profit Guaranteed

September 5, 2023

Short-Term Rentals in Athens: Profit Guaranteed

In the world of real estate investment, few destinations shine as brightly as Athens.

The vibrant Greek capital city has been making headlines for all the right reasons, with a truly astonishing statistic at the heart of its appeal: a remarkable 73% annual average occupancy rate in short-term rentals.

Statistics make more sense, when you have a look, into what makes Athens such a popular destination, and a safe place to invest at the same time:

Steady Tourism Growth

Greece has experienced consistent growth in tourist arrivals over the past decade, with increasing numbers of international visitors year after year. This trend suggests a robust and expanding market

Diversified Tourism Offerings

The country offers a diverse range of tourism opportunities, from cultural and historical attractions to seaside resorts and adventure tourism. This diversity minimizes the risk associated with market fluctuations.

Strategic Location

Greece’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa makes it an attractive destination for tourists worldwide. It serves as a gateway for exploring neighboring regions.

High Tourism Repeat Rate

Greece boasts a high rate of repeat visitors, indicating a satisfied and loyal customer base. This encourages repeat business and brand loyalty.

Global Marketing

Greece conducts aggressive global marketing campaigns to attract tourists, leveraging its cultural heritage and natural beauty to maintain a competitive edge.

Emerging Markets

Greece is tapping into emerging markets, such as China, Russia, and the Middle East, diversifying its customer base and reducing dependence on specific regions.

High End Tourism

Greece has been successful in attracting high-end tourism, which often translates into higher spending per visitor, boosting the profitability of businesses catering to this market.

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